Wednesday, September 18, 2013

photography № 5 | autumn dressing in polaroids

" L'automne est un deuxième ressort où chaque feuille est une fleur. "
— Albert Camus

At home, at kitchen table. Am not about to say autumn is favourite season (still quite sure summer is), but is quite fun getting ready for the cooler weather (beautiful deep colours and an array of cozy textures), and having a wonderful time at the shops, although not always buying but rather looking at the prettily decorated windows. As Albert Camus says, autumn is "a second spring when every leaf is a flower", and am going to use quote in manner of intelligent woman next given chance. Also must remember not to obsess too much about change of season in materialistic terms, but more in culinary terms as there are many recipes waiting to be tried/written out and photographs waiting to be edited (e.g. fancy apple pie (to be tried out), still secret chocolate something (to be written out), still secret coffee something (to be written out)).

Wonder if there is a way to make calf hair leopard shoes with gilt heel (which bought last year) more comfortable even if a size too small . . . Perhaps shall wear around in house, (even though living in Japan, where shoes are insisted to be taken off when indoors) to stretch out a bit. Hmm . . .

p.s. Will post calf hair leopard shoes here, soon. Oh, and of course recipes too. xo

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