Friday, September 20, 2013

la luncheonette | sandwiches à la ladurée

- {ラデュレ‧サンドイッチ} -

At home, at kitchen table. Aargh. Have done it again. Made these sandwiches so long ago, have forgotten the recipe. Well, not really forgotten but is so much more difficult to write recipe after a certain amount of time has passed. From now on must write recipe right after cooking. On the very same day. Perhaps shall write that down for next year's resolutions?

Anyway, found these sandwiches on elle à table. Love that magazine. So many beautiful pictures and lovely recipes, and also completely arrangeable. Problem is, after reading an issue, it makes one want to go on the internet and start buying unnecessary culinary props (e.g. expensive white porcelain, vintage casserole dishes, etc.), and end up wasting enormous amount of time staring at computer screen, plus get stiff shoulders.

Back to sandwiches. Have loved clubhouse sandwiches ever since little girl. May sound slightly strange, but have always rather enjoyed crunchy part of a meal, i.e. bread crust, ice cream cone, tart crust, pie crust, pizza crust, etc. (although not sure if ice cream can be considered a meal nor if pizza crust is crunchy), and love that clubhouse sandwich bread is toasted and crunchy (crispy?) rather than soft and soggy. Plus recipe was from ladurée, making it utter perfection.

Was tempted to add bacon and chips but became terrified of calories about to be consumed (after all, usually eat what has been cooked myself), and decided on healthy vegetables instead. Feel v. proud of self.

Later. Still haven't written recipe and dreading process terribly not being able to concentrate at all.

Two days later. Finally!!! Hope everyone enjoys recipe. Was v. long process.

* { sandwiches à la ladurée adapted from : elle à table, issue no.67 may 2013 — クラブ‧プレ‧ラデュレ / クラブ‧サーモン by ladurée }
— ラデュレ‧サンドイッチのレシピは以下 :

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