Thursday, September 5, 2013

from the recipe files | classic chocolate brownies {dusted with a unicorn}

- why don't we . . . whip up some brownies? {classic brownies are rare in tokyo} -

Cannot believe it is already September. Feels like an eye blink since New Year's and having panic attacks for no apparent reason. Well, reason is sort of apparent. Feels like have accomplished nothing in the past eight months and the year is almost over. And feeling truly guilty for lack of recipes posted. (Actually recipes exist, but no time to edit photos and write recipes out.) Guilty, guilty, guilty.



Quite fond of brownies. Especially the classic chewy kind. But because of tricky, tiny oven, the first three attempts ended up in catastrophe. After taking break for two weeks (because one can only eat so many brownies over such a short period of time), finally got around to giving it another go and results were better. Actually, brownies look and taste v.g. Have dusted it with a unicorn (actual meaning: have dusted it with confectioner's sugar in shape of a unicorn), and am feeling like lovely Martha Stewart-like woman. Oh, forgot this all took place two weeks ago. Not v.g. Starting to feel guilty again. Feel like eating brownie, except none left.

Have finally edited photos and written out recipe which means can finally publish this post. Feel like responsible, mature woman again. Hurrah!

love, the tokyoette à la bridget jones *


* { classic chocolate brownies adapted from : the hummingbird bakery via red onlinehummingbird bakery's traditional brownie }
— チョコレートブラウニーのレシピは以下 :

{ ingredients } 21cm×21cmの角型1個分
カカオ70%チョコレート 200g
無塩バター 175g
砂糖 300g
薄力粉 130g
卵 3個(室温に戻しておく)
粉砂糖 適量

{ how to }
1. 型にクッキングシートを敷く。大きめのボウルにチョコレートと無塩バターを入れ、湯煎で溶かす。
2. 1に砂糖を加え、しっかり混ぜ合わせる。
3. 2に薄力粉をふるい入れ、しっかり混ぜ合わせる。ボウルの側面や底に粉が残らないよう、ゴムベラ等でしっかり下から持ち上げるようにする。
4. 溶いた卵を3に加え、生地がもったりするまで混ぜ合わせる。
5. 1で用意した型に生地を流し入れ、170℃に予熱したオーブンの下段で30-40分焼く。表面が乾燥し、竹串を中心に刺して少し柔らかい状態が焼き上がりの目安。オーブンから取り出し、網の上で冷ます。
6. 完全に冷めたところで、四角(今回は16等分)に切り分け、粉砂糖をふるったら完成。

{ tips }
- オーブンレンジの場合は、焼き時間を長めに調整する(約10分程度長く焼きました)。焼き時間が長いことによって表面が焦げてしまう場合は、上にアルミホイルをかぶせる。オーブンから出した後も余熱で火が通るため、焼き過ぎに注意する。

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