Tuesday, November 5, 2013

la luncheonette | green salad with bacon & camembert cheese


At home, at kitchen table. Came across this salad in the latest issue of elle à table, and tried it out on the very same day. Results: a salad that is not plain nor lacks texture. To be very honest, have never been a fan of making salad (rinsing several different kinds of lettuce leaves is not an enjoyable task), but this one was well worth it with the crisp bacon bits, toasted bread, and melted camembert cheese. Only one kind of lettuce is required, and the apple slices add a lovely flavor, some color, and additional texture. Would work well as a lunch for two, or perhaps as a starter for four.



Think this was a much needed healthy break considering all the ice cream (more about that in another post) have been consuming lately. Will always prefer making desserts, but who ever knows? Salads may well become a passion around here . . . Happy salad chomping and also, happy happy November *

* { green salad with bacon & camembert cheese adapted barely from : elle à table, issue no.70 november 2013 — とろとろカマンベールサラダ by hiroto maruyama (丸山宏人) }
— ベーコンとカマンベールチーズのグリーンサラダのレシピは以下 :

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