Thursday, October 24, 2013

les glaces et sorbets | coffee ice cream


At home, at kitchen table. Every morning, a cup of coffee is savored to start the day off, but will admit in a heartbeat that am in no way a coffee snob. Have no idea about the different aromas nor the art of brewing, and the kind of coffee served in this home is usually instant (!!!) coffee. (Just to save face, it is good quality instant coffee, if there is such a thing in the sacred world of coffee.)



But good or not, a cup is savored every morning, and the thing is, am quite the coffee fan, so was very natural to have started the hunt for a good coffee ice cream recipe after discovering that ice cream can be homemade.
There were literally hundreds of recipes to choose from, but came across Simply Recipes's coffee ice cream and the search was officially over. The recipe calls for whole coffee beans and that sounded promising, even to a total non-coffeesnob. (Not to mention that the original recipe seems to be from Mr. David Lebovitz's The Perfect Scoop; double points for that, around here.)


The results were well worth the extra effort of straining whole coffee beans (ah, and choosing/buying coffee beans for the first time ever at a shop that stocks more than 30 different kinds of beans; italian roast was the choice); aromatic and richly flavored. Will most definitely be making again, perhaps with different coffee beans to see the difference in taste. (Wish were a coffee expert now more than ever.)
All in all, best coffee ice cream have ever tasted. Now, if only could find the perfect ice cream cone recipe . . . *


p.s. Highly recommend serving in waffle cones (the ones pictures above are store-bought), and with a dusting of cocoa powder . . . *

* { coffee ice cream adapted from : simply recipescoffee ice cream }
— コーヒーアイスクリームのレシピは以下 :

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