Monday, November 11, 2013

le salon de thé | fig financiers


On the lower ground floor of a very favorite department store, among world famous chocolateries and pâtisseries, there is a lovely shop that sells the best financiers.


financier   noun   \finɑ̃sje, jɛʀ\
: a small french cake, often mistaken for a pastry

main ingredient(s)
: beurre noisette, almond flour


It is said that financiers were first sold in the 2e arrondissement in Paris: a financial district surrounding the "Paris Bourse" {Paris stock exchange}, as quick snacks for bankers on the go. They were baked in rectangular molds to resemble gold bars, hence the name "financier".


Have adored these sweet treats {along with madeleines} ever since a little girl, so was delighted when first read in a magazine about Noix de Beurre: a pâtisserie with it's main feature being these petits gâteaux. Crisp on the outside and tender in the middle, these golden financiers are possibly the best in Tokyo.


It was also after trying the fig financiers of Noix de Beurre, and finding the devastating news that they were seasonal treats and therefore not sold all the time, that decided this was a combination that needed to be recreated at home.

And so, the recipe for fig financiers below, and if you are not a fan of figs, not to worry; they are delicious without as well . . . *

* { fig financiers }
— フィグフィナンシエのレシピは以下 :

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