Monday, January 27, 2014



This year, I want to try a new series called "LA CRUST". I have always loved pastries, and as the title indicates, this series will focus on different pastries; "the crust" of baked treats. This is partly to make recipes that require pastry shorter and simpler, and partly because I believe crusts should have their own posts. (Pies and tarts are all about how good the crust is, no?)

In honor of post No.1 of this new attempt, I've picked the famed pâte feuilletée to try, but rather than the classic and very time-consuming version (we'll save that for another day), I tried a slightly easier (and albeit a little less puffier) but just as delicious version by the Tsuji Group. I've learned that everyone has different tricks and techniques for making beautiful pâte feuilletée, but the most important thing is to keep the butter cold. At all times. If you are looking for some good tips on rolling and folding the dough, I highly recommend this post by Magda of My Little Expat Kitchen. She explains everything in detail with photographs. I also recommend that you use the pastry up as soon as possible, because pâte feuilletée rapide does not puff as much as normal pâte feuilletée, and the longer you store it, the lower the puff will be.

Hopefully, I will be able to learn the different types and all the techniques necessary for pastry making through this new project. Let's just hope I don't end up gaining extra weight from eating too many pastries. Hmmm . . . *

* { pâte feuilletée rapide adapted from : 辻調グループ (tsuji group) -- 速成パイ生地 }
click on the images above for the recipe

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